Shipping Policy


In October 2014, I began my journey with an idea of supporting businesses for under-privileged women who were good at creating handmade accessories. Since then I continued in my journey to find ways to take those handmade products to the world with an aim to support more talented people who also happened to be under-privileged. That’s how Ekaika was born!




Along the journey I had involved myself with the mission of human empowerment by supporting various charity organizations to help homeless people and to take care of the educational expenses for under-privileged kids. Today, at Ekaika, we take pride in supporting women from various ethnicities across Asia. Through our website we sell products like scarfs, hair accessories like clips, jewelry, headbands, etc. which are all handmade by these women of various backgrounds in the society. There are also mothers who are passionate to showcase their talents while juggling to provide care for their family. A huge portion of the profits from this sale goes to support the community, and to support women who are looking for an opportunity to showcase their talent.

We believe that unity is the key to Human Empowerment. So, in addition to our endeavor in providing financial support to the underprivileged women, we also offer a platform to bring together important interventions on Life-Skill lessons. Together, let’s grow and achieve greater things in life!!!